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  • Malfurion buy cheap wow gold Stormrage Husband of the priestess leader, Tyrande Whisperwind, Malfurion was a wise druid of an ancient line of druids. Malfurion was a master druid that died previous to the events of World of Warcraft.

    Fandral Staghelm Successor of Malfurion, Fandral is the new Arch druid of the Night Elves. He is also a quest giver to druids and low level Night Elf characters during the early days of play.

    Elanaria A quest giver in Darnassus that has three quests available once the player has reached level 10. She is classed as a Sentinal and is set at level 62 for Player versus Player purposes.

    Gracina Spiritmight A high to mid level quest giver that becomes available once the player reaches level 54. She is a preisetess of Elune and leveled at level 55 for Player versus Player purposes.

    The local craftsmen of Darnassus are always looking for wool, cloth, and other raw materials that they can use in their trade. These are ongoing quests for the duration of the game that you can receive standard rewards for completing. These are fantastic quests for the beginning character because they offer simple objectives, usually of killing local harpies or rescuing a comrade in danger, but they also offer very substantial rewards.

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