The microtransaction prize swimming pool will be shared by all

  • The very best of each Ascendancy class within each version of the occasion will be awarded an Alternate Artwork Demigod's Dominance. Every gamer who reaches level thirty-five in the Turmoil Event is going to be awarded a Chaos as well as Order Mystery Box as much as one time per account. Ranking up multiple characters to degree 35 will not grant several mystery boxes. There are also numerous microtransactions up for grabs that can be observed below! These prizes will probably be awarded after the event is finished.

    The microtransaction prize swimming pool will be shared by all versions of the event. The actual Demigod's prize pool is not really shared between events and will also be awarded to the top Ascendancy class of each version from the event. The Celestial Tool Effect, Stormcaller Armour Arranged, Battery Back Attachment and also Arcane Shield will be attracted for the top 100 of every event rather than shared among all three.

    The top of each Ascendancy class in each edition of the event will be granted an Alternate Art Demigod's Prominence. Every player who gets to level 35 in the Disarray Event will be awarded the Chaos and Order Secret Box up to one time for each account. Leveling multiple figures to level 35 will never grant multiple mystery containers. There are also many Path of Exile Chaos Orb microtransactions shared that can be seen below! These types of prizes will be awarded following the event has ended.