Essences for whatever Resistance you

  • Fingerless Silk Gloves provide a small spell harm boost through their implicit. Crafting Guidance: Usually crafting isn't very needed here. Leather-based Belts are the greatest base to maximize our lifepool, again with 70+ Life plus some Resistance. Belts are also the only gear that can roll Reduced Flask Charges used, Increased Flask Effect Duration and Increased Flask Charges gained, which are all very powerful mods. If there is an open prefix, you can also include Movement Speed with Tora. Crafting Guidance: Another slot you probably won't need to craft, but if you do then about the itemlevel Leather Belt and spam

    Essences for whatever Resistance you need. Amulets are an extremely versatile port with lots of potentially great mods for this build. It starts using the base - i suggest either any Dexterity base or a Blue Pearl Amulet. Prefixes are pretty limited, 60+ Life is mandatory, Spell Damage as well as Mana are optional. Suffixes offer Cast Speed, Lightning Harm, Mana Regeneration Price, Buy Path Of Exile items Critical Strike Opportunity, Dexterity, All Characteristics and Resistances to choose from, although i recommend in order to cap Resistances through other slots. Crafting Advice: Get among the mentioned bases with an appropriate itemlevel as well as

    spam some Essences of Wrath until you get atleast a good liferoll, then add Mana or Mana Regeneration Rate with Elreon. Rings offer a comparable pool of mods as amulets, without the Spell Damage as well as Critical Strike Opportunity. Opal Rings are the best base here, but might be a little expensive. You may also need a good Unset Ring to fit in all gems. Crafting Advice: Pick up white rings in yellow/red maps and alch them. If the result is bad, retain it either for chaos recipe or to vendor 5 of exact same base for an mysterious rare ring. If you can get your hands on an Opal Ring, spam some Essences of Wrath until you get something useful with a high liferoll. This build needs a very active strike & run playstyle. Most important thing is proper timing: understand the duration of the skills