• Astralis handled fnatic in the quarterfinals of ELEAGUE CS: GO Premier, securing the convincing 2-0 win and a date with Cloud9 in the semis on Thursday. To listen to about his team's win and his current performances, we spoken to Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen.

    The Danish side lived up to their favorites label in the Scandinavian matchup against fnatic, having a 16-5 victory upon Train followed up by a tighter, 16-12 win on Overpass to get the 2-0 within the series.

    To hear much more about the game, playing the Swedes on the web and the outlook on the semi-final, we interviewed Peter "dupreeh"Rasmussen.

    Entering the matchup, playing against fnatic, exactly what did you think moving in? Map pool-wise, did you get what you expected?

    We actually got suprised by all of them picking Train. We just played all of them online and they destroyed us on both Mirage and Teach. I don't know why they decided to go for Train because, in my opinion, we are better upon Train than we have been on Mirage. So it was good for us that they picked Teach and we were able to begin the CT part. So yeah, that was a surprise and that we expected them to either ban Nuke or even Overpass, so we might always pick the opposing of what they didn't want to play. And we already had our pick in our thoughts, for a long time.

    So yeah, picking Train was really good for us, so we didn't have to perform Mirage. Not that people don't like Mirage but, if we compare Mirage and Train, I believe that we are much better on Train.

    You played them two-three days ago in ESL Pro Group, so how did that feel and how much did that play in to this match?

    I believe it played in to our favor. fnatic had a really powerful day that day, and we had a completely off day. I believe we had been playing six ESL Professional League games throughout the week and we had to be at the airport four hours after the fnatic match. So I believe maybe the mindset was already out, remaining for the airport. It was just a weird day, already in Buy All CSGO Skins practice people were saying "we really feel completely off these days, but it's most likely just practice, we are going to play better".

    However I think the online match played in our prefer and I wouldn't say they put too much in that win, but I think they came here confident. So when they faced us here and we strike our shots as well as played really good as a team, they got a bit scared. It was really obvious that upon Train they performed scared. I think they came back to their old form and how they played in Professional League on Overpass in the end and we nearly threw that one. So it got a little bit unstable, but they played pretty poor on Teach and on Overpass, even though it's not one of their strongest maps.

    On Overpass, after your good start, your CT side began being a bit unstable. So tell me a bit about that, exactly what were the issues for you personally on the CT part?

    I think we made a pretty bad mistake, we were up 12-7 or something like that and I called for the actual team to drop back because i was in a two-man lead. And I don't know who died, but all of us lost some weapons for free and we unsuccessful a little bit. So we lost a lot of economy generally there and we kind of offered them the option to get back into the game, providing them with guns and letting them build economy. That was a pretty poor choice by us, but that was something we will learn from, everyone who made a mistake in that round knows that and now they won't do it within the rest of the tournament.

    Your performance in this series was insane, but in general, the past few weeks as well as months, you've been stepping up a bit. Tell me a bit about that, is there anything that changed in your game, within the team composition, very best reason for that?

    I believe everything comes down to a person always believing in yourself. I've had a lot of discussion with my mental trainer, because everyone can make mistakes and I have some mental mistakes I have to learn from. Some of them are maybe bigger than others and I always try to work on them. Overall, I've started working out and eating more healthy so I feel like I have more energy. As well as being more confident regarding my outside, could look and in general I just feel so much better as a human.

    And it actually proves, I think it's really underrated that people actually eat healthy and do excercises... You know, just to acquire some fresh air here and there and never sit in front of the computer all the time... I think in case you are feeling well in real life you actually perform better in the game.

    Just touching on the following game that you have here, in two days towards Cloud9, the semi-final. What are your feeling about facing the actual North American side?

    Really, they impressed me by beating G2, I think Buy the Cheapest CSGO Skins everyone believed that G2 had been going to win because they were the faves, but then again, G2 has been playing pretty badly in the last two weeks, also in Pro Group at home, they are not themselves right now. I believe they need a little bit more time to figure out what is going on after which they will come back as always, because they have so many [good] individual players in that team. I think it can just a matter of your time.

    But yeah, the same goes for Cloud9, they have got so many good individual players, I do not think you can pinpoint one guy that is not performing. So it's going to be tough. It's like playing FaZe Group, like a little sibling of FaZe Group in my opinion. So many great players and you have to become on point with your own personal game. Also, their map pool is actually strong, if you look at ours as well, I believe we are going to have an fascinating veto.