How to watch a CS: GO match

  • The guide of the beginner viewer who looks for the first time of the CS: GO.
    You want to watch the biggest tournaments but are afraid of being lost? This guide is there for all budding viewers who want to experience their first experience with CS: GO.
    The course of a match
    Two teams of five players each embody one camp, the Terrorists (abbreviated as T) and the Counter Terrorist (abbreviated as CT). The Ts have 1 minute 55 to place a bomb, which puts 40 seconds to explode, at two specific locations on the map, or eliminate all their opponents. If they fail to do so, or if the CT defuse the explosive device before it explodes, it is the latter who win the round. A match consists of 15-round periods, with roles exchanged in half-time, and the very first team that manages to win 16 rounds wins the game. If the teams are tied at the end of the 30 rounds, they then play six-round, three-round extensions, until one of them wins four to be declared the winner.
    The Economy for Dummies
    What makes the particularity of CS: GO is its economy system. Each player has a sum of money that he chooses how to invest in his equipment, between utility (grenades, flash, molotov), weapons and protections. He will then earn money on every kill he performs, but also according to the results of the actual round. There is also a bonus given to teams when they lose several rounds in a row, increasing to the fifth consecutive defeat.
    In the 1st round of each period, teams do not have enough money to buy heavy weapons, and are content with pistols. This is called the Pistol Round. The team that loses it will often be forced to save to achieve equal equipment in an Eco circular. Managing money as well as weapons is an integral part of a team's strategy.
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